A Living World

by Atticera

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We lovingly call this the "NASA Song." It was created for an entry in NASA's contest for a spaceship wake-up song. We didn't win their contest ... but we did win at life!


When we sleep
There are dreams
The universe slips through the seams
And when we wake
Into the light
There is a view
Of a Satellite
These weightless days
Only amaze
When you can see the blue and green swirl
A living world x4
Through the window
There is a sun
You can see
We are one
Look at the stars
A faint glow...
Are we really alone?
This living world x4
They're different worlds
with different names
all their own
but all the same
Far away
It's what you see
It is perfection
And beauty


released December 31, 2010




Atticera Des Moines, Iowa

We make music 'cause we wanna. And it's pretty good.
We're from central Iowa. Our influences include Guster, Coldplay, Ben Folds, Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead, and the like.
We're also very human, so don't be shy - get to know us!

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